Magic Metals – Design. Perform. Quality. Delivery.  Magic Metals is ideally located in the PNW and strategically aligned with Haley Mfg. View Site >>

Flowtech – Flow-Tech Systems is a green solution for mineral scale, biofouling, and corrosion control. It generates a radio frequency signal in the 140KHZ range that is induced into the water of the entire plumbing system, resulting in the following benefits throughout your system. View Site >>

Seatac Automation Systems – SAS is the leader in automated packaging equipment.  SAS designs and builds equipment suitable for all markets but has a strong emphasis on the apple, pear and cherry market in the Pacific Northwest.

Lanzco (Chile)– Through its Companies, LANZCO, delivers Equipment and Services to the Large Mining, Construction and Industry. Delivering solutions in Material Handling, Environmental Control, Equipment for processes, Pumps for Transportation and Projection of Concrete and Mortar (Shotcrete), Equipment for tunnels, Equipment for Compaction, Generator Groups, Towers of Illumination, Motors and great variety of Equipment and Systems for Filtration. View Site >>

Ferti Riego– 100% Mexican organization, was born in response to the need to provide technical assistance to farmers in the installation of efficient irrigation equipment.on. View Site >>

Additional Partners

  • Ackland Pump and Irrigation

  • Wilson Irrigation

  • Elmers Irrigation

  • Foothill Irrigation

  • Morton’s Supply