Haley Manufacturing to offer Automatic Apple Poly Baggers

//Haley Manufacturing to offer Automatic Apple Poly Baggers

Haley Manufacturing to offer Automatic Apple Poly Baggers

Haley Manufacturing of Yakima, WA is excited to announce that they have purchased the rights to The Automatic Poly Bagging machine from Seatac Automation Systems. Josh Logsdon, VP of Sales and Marketing stated that it was a natural fit for Haley to purchase the rights to manufacture, market, service and sell the machine from SAS. The newly improved SAS Poly Bagger by Haley Manufacturing boasts a top speed of up to 20 bags/minute with fine tune speed controls to accommodate for more delicate varieties.

Logsdon says that “many of our customers have voiced their opinion and are dissatisfied with the slower more traditional apple poly baggers in the market. They are looking for ways to increase throughput, bags/minute and minimize labor.” With a nearly 50% increase in speed compared to existing bagging models, customers are able to move more bagged fruit in a much shorter period of time. Additionally, the footprint is very compact and can easily fit into existing facilities or replace older poly baggers.

The addition of the Automatic Poly Bagger compliments Haley’s focus on automation. Currently Haley Mfg. offers The Automatic Apple Tray Inserter as well as the Automatic Pouch Bagger. “We are extremely excited to continue offering new, creative and automatic packaging equipment that our customers are requesting.”

Haley also offers traditional packing line conveyors, integration, cherry hydro coolers, water treatment and filtration systems.

For more information please contact:
Josh Logsdon
Haley Manufacturing

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